Jewellery Care

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver. This is the legal standard of purity set by the assay offices in Britain and used for most silver jewellery throughout the world. It means that the metal used is of a specific quality. Pure silver is never used, as it is too soft to be practical.

To prevent tarnish, follow these tips:

1) Store your Zillionaire piece in a cool, dry place. Silver tarnishes when exposed to air, so it’s a good idea to keep your silver jewellery in airtight zip lock plastic bags, or covered in a cloth enclosed in an airtight container when not in use. This will help slow down the tarnishing process and protect your jewellery from scratching.

2) Do not wear your Zillionaire piece while cleaning, swimming or taking a shower. Always remove your jewellery before using any product that contains bleach, ammonia, alcohol, nail polish removers that contain acetone and turpentine.

To clean your jewellery, try these tips:

1) Dust and sweat can often accumulate on jewellery pieces causing grime but it can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth.

2) Never use toothpaste to clean silver jewellery, as it is very abrasive.

3) To keep your jewellery shiny and new, it is best to put on any perfumes, lotions or hair spray before putting on jewellery.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your Zillionaire piece. If you face any issues, do reach out to us!